Introducing the Career Navigator System

Used by top universities and Fortune 500 companies, the Harrison Career Navigator System (CNS) uses advanced technology to provide a unique opportunity to explore career possibilities at an individualized  pace, getting feedback in real time.

The Career Navigator System  is a personalized online system designed for students, schools, universities, and those interested in career change or outplacement. This unique new tool measures 175 factors related to career preferences, including interests, motivations, work values, work environment preferences and interpersonal preferences, enabling career seekers to rate the jobs they would love the most and have the best chance to succeed in.

Online Tool for Career Exploration

Even better, the Harrison Career Navigator offers the flexibility of using with or without direct involvement of a career counselor. When offered via corporate wide HR initiatives,  the System is a convenient tool for guiding employees to greater self-awareness regarding their career choices. Individuals seeking to build or change careers can use the CNS to help them explore options on their own. Used either way, the Career Navigator System is comprehensive, intuitive, and easy for career development at every level.

The  Harrison Career Navigator System offers 85-90% accuracy in predicting job success.


Are you a student, graduate or career seeking adult? Learn more about the Harrison Career Navigator  (LINK) Start your journey to success today!