Recruitment: The Very Best People

Want to improve your chances for hiring the best recruits for your company?

Harrison Assessments’ Recruitment Solutions make it easy to create a complete and systematic approach to pre-assess, track, interview and hire the very best people.

Harrison Assessments evaluates important eligibility factors for corporate recruits, identifying ideal candidates in one integrated assessment. With an easy interface for interpreting assessment results, the Harrison system automatically identifies the most ideal candidates using a single score.

Using 6,500-plus pre-configured Job Success Formulas, it is easy to create comprehensive assessments that fit your specific job success requirements. Each formula provides a systematic assessment and automatically generates online questionnaires that can be directly accessed through job boards, your company’s website or through direct invitations.

The HATS behavioral assessment option predicts job success using a SmartQuestionnaire™ that measures 175 traits in less than 30 minutes. Harrison Assessments’ ParadoxTechnology™ predicts job performance. And the Enjoyment-Performance Methodology accurately predicts motivation, retention, job satisfaction, and fit with company values.

In addition, we offer pre-assessment solutions to eliminate administration work in identifying and sorting candidates.

Once ideal candidates are identified, Interview Worksheets guide employers through the entire interview process to evaluate the eligibility and suitability of each candidate. Applicants can be notified automatically, enabling you to present your company professionally by quickly notifying applicants of their application status.

Other test results, like an IQ test, can be seamlessly integrated into Harrison Assessments’ Recruitment Solutions. HATS recruiting tools can exchange data and integrate information with any other HR or enterprise system.

Harrison Assessments’ improves efficiency of the hiring process, and improves legal defensibility,  meeting all the legal requirements of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).