New Leader Assimilation

Support for the New Leader

New Leader Assimilation Coaching eases the transition into new responsibilities for the recently hired, accelerating the assimilation process and identifying and minimizing potential obstacles early on. This gesture of support sends a positive message that you and the new leader are partners in their career success.

Unique issues in New Leader Assimilation

Promotion of internal candidates can be highly desirable, but can often create challenges of leading former peers, or navigating the relationship waters with other internal candidates who did not get the job. Assimilation coaching helps the newly promoted manager to effectively deal with these and other issues, such as building confidence that they can handle the new challenges.

External candidates can bring a fresh perspective and set of skills, but may be challenged with the uncertainty of expectations, “fitting in,” and getting a handle on the corporate culture and the inevitable “political landscape.”

New Leader Assimilation Coaching is an excellent supplement to the executive offer, sending a message that your organization recognizes there are real challenges and concerns, even for the most talented and capable professionals.