Sample Reports: Specific to Person and Position

Harrison Assessments offers the most detailed and informative reports in the industry. Our reports are specific to each person and each position. The reports are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Recruitment Package Reports

• Job Success Analysis
Compares a person to the behavioral requirements of a job

• How To Attract
Key points that will help convince a top candidate to accept a job offer

• Interview Guide
Worksheet with behaviorally-based interviewing questions

Development Reports

• Development For Position
A development plan for each of two traits that would most improve performance for a specific person related to a specified job

• Manage, Develop, Retain
Key points to effectively manage, develop and retain selected employee

• Job Success Analysis
Compares a person to the behavioral requirements of a job

• Main Graph Report
Overview of trait relationships. Requires expert training to interpret (optionally highlights traits related to a job)

• Paradox Report
Analysis of paradoxical behaviors (optionally highlights traits related to a job)

• Summary Keywords
A summary and key word descriptions of the individual’s job-related behavior

• Traits Definitions
An individual’s scores on all the primary traits listed in order of the highest score and optionally highlights the traits related to the job

Team Reports

• Group Screening
Compares a group of people to the behavioral requirements of a job

• Team Main Graph
A graphical overview of the relationship between traits for a group of people

• Team Paradox Graph
A graph showing a group of people plotted against each of the twelve paradoxes

• Teams Traits Export
An export of all the scores from all the traits for a selected group of people (used for analyzing performance factors or organizational culture)

Career Reports

• Career Comparison
Compares an individual to the specific requirements of a particular career

• Career Development
Personalized guidance for an individual’s career development

• Career Options
A list of careers that would provide the greatest job satisfaction for a specified individual