Help New Hires Get Up to Speed

On-boarding programs are important because they help new hires feel that they are part of a larger organization and that they are valued as an individual, they help convey the culture and they help get new hires up to speed and productive.

An effective On-Boarding process can lead to smoother operating functions, lower turnover, and better employee satisfaction. And, they cost only a fraction of what turnover and recruiting costs your firm each year. Let us help you get your employees off to a good start and be successful in your organization.

Executive On-Boarding

Hiring a new executive represents a substantial investment, yet most companies neglect efforts to ensure the new leader gets of to a fast start. The prevailing attitude is often ” if they are that good, they will figure it out themselves”.

We provide a comprehensive approach to executive onboard to help ensure the new leader is prepared for success by clearly understanding the business challenges, the social/cultural climate and results expectations for the role.

The process includes:

  • Input from key stakeholders
  • Alignment sessions with manager(s)
  • Appropriate executive assessment and feedback
  • Facilitated team assimilation meetings
  • Period check-in meetings including 360 type feedback