Partner Relocation Service

Pathfinders Partner Relocation Services

Having the availability of relocating spouse / partner services allows an organization to be more competitive in its recruiting efforts. A partner’s resistance might jeopardize an offer.

Who will benefit most from Pathfinders Relocating Spouse / Partner Services?

The Employer: 
 Our services can provide support and a jump-start for someone who needs to seek re-employment in a new location, allowing your valuable new employee to focus on assimilation to the new job.
The New Employee:
With the partner’s relocation / career needs being supported, the new employee can fully attend to adjusting to his or her new role and responsibilities.
The Spouse/Partner:
Receives competent and caring career and job search support and am accelerated connection to a new community of professional contacts.

 What, specifically, do the Pathfinders programs offer?

  • Coping with change and adjusting to a new location
  • Identifying skills, assets and accomplishments
  • Clarifying career/life goals
  • Developing an effective resume presentation
  • Strategizing the job search campaign
  • Targeted job search phone/letter campaign
  • Interview coaching/role playing
  • Personal introduction to CNY contacts to assist in developing a new network