The Pathfinders CTS Story

Pathfinders CTS was founded in 1991 when Human Resource specialist Leslie Rose McDonald experienced a series of job losses that became the inspiration for what is now a premier provider of career development and transition services for professionals in central New York.

As a career professional in the early 90’s, Leslie saw the business landscape shifting as the world adapted to emerging technologies and global competition. To meet a growing need for career transition help, Pathfinders initial services centered on outplacement services for professionals.

Today, Pathfinders is a full-service outplacement provider emphasizing coaching, consulting and facilitation for employee career development throughout the professional life. In 2006, Pathfinders became affiliated with Career Partners International, expanding career development services to clients through a network of colleagues in the US and around the world.

In addition, Pathfinders is a Harrison Assessment (HATS) master distributor, offering selection and development assessment services.

Our Philosophy

We believe that people essentially want to do well and contribute positively to the organization they work for. We believe most everyone wants to do a good job.

When things don’t go as expected, there are typically a number of skills or motivational issues that can be improved. That’s where targeted training and coaching comes in.

Most of the time, people will find answers to the issues they face, especially when effective coaching and facilitation gives those answers a chance to emerge. Our ultimate objective is to provide tools and training toward empowered self-sufficiency of individuals and teams in the workplace.