Develop Performance, Work Satisfaction, and Team Effectiveness

Did you know that employees who enjoy 75% or more of their daily activities are three times more likely to succeed in their jobs and stay longer than employees who don’t?

To succeed in today’s competitive business environment, companies must increase productivity, retain top talent, and build effective teams. It all starts with work satisfaction.

Harrison Assessments’ Employee Development Solutions has the tools companies need to build a competitive edge by developing employees with personalized and consistent methods.

It starts with a 30-minute SmartQuestionnaire™ to assess work preferences, interests and interpersonal tendencies.

With a click of a button, you can determine how satisfied an employee is within his or her current role. You can then drill down to determine which responsibilities provide the greatest personal motivation and job satisfaction.

Job Success Formula gives a complete analysis of an employee’s job related strengths and weaknesses. With that formula, employee are guided to develop successful job-related behaviors.

“How to Manage and Retain Report” gives managers practical tools for motivating, retaining, and coaching individual employees.

ParadoxTechnology™ gives mangers practical actions for coaching performance, retaining talent and building effective working relationships.

The Team Paradox Report helps managers build stronger teams in an effort to maximize team efficiencies.