Team Building

Team Building: A Process, Not a One-Time Event.

A team is a collection of individuals who come together to fulfill a purpose, to collaboratively achieve a greater result than any single individual could, while respecting and appreciating team member differences, and learning collectively from the experience.

Assigning people to teams is easy; getting those teams to produce dynamic results isn’t.  Many companies talk about team building. But far too few ever take action. And for those who do, the effects are often short lived.

Building High Performance Teams is about improving the ways people work together.

Team development components:

  • Team goals – sense of purpose and direction
  • Team communication – relating with one another
  • Team make-up – optimizing teamwork, minimizing lone wolf- attitudes
  • Team processes and procedure – conducting business effectively and efficiently
  • Team leadership – the capacity for team member(s) to take on a leadership

Team building focus:

  • Developing a mission, purpose, and beliefs statement
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities for group members
  • Developing a conflict-management process
  • Examining and improving problem-solving and meeting strategies
  • Improving communication or planning skills
  • Learning personality styles and leadership preferences