Reaching Maximum Career PotentialManspeaking

Pathfinders assists individuals to establish new career goals, with a customized approach to fit your unique gifts, talents, values, and circumstances. You drive the process and the pace – we serve as your partner, confidant, coach, facilitator, resource, sounding board and devil’s advocate.

Pathfinders career consultants will help you to reach your maximum career satisfaction, identifying  your true mission and passion, understanding your strengths, weaknesses, marketability and potential, and making realistic and healthy choices for going forward.

For traditional job search, career development, self-employment, retirement/re-careering, or return to school candidates.

Personal Career Management Program

Option 1: Career Exploration & Decision-making Program

  1. Three consultation sessions.
  2. Career Assessment and review, including the Harrison Assessments profiling system.
  3. Application strategies, establishing immediate goals and  long-range objectives to ensure success in meeting your long-term objectives.

Option 2: Market Readiness Program

  • All components of Option 1: Career Exploration & Decision-making Program
  • Comprehensive Job Search Workbook
  • Three additional strategic consulting sessions
  • Analysis of skills, values, strengths and marketability
  • Marketing resume development
  • 3 months access to job search webinars and workshops
  • Pathfinders On-line career Portal (one year subscription)

Option 3: Comprehensive Personal Career Management Program

  • All aspects of Option 1 and 2
  • Three to six months coaching and strategy sessions
  •  Quick Access to Career coach via Email and  phone
  • Career workshops, webinars and support seminars
  • Career Resource Center access including computer, software, internet and laser printer
  • One video interview session, with practice and critique
  • Professional networking business cards
  • Phone, postage and fax requirements

Option 4: Premium/Executive Personal Career Management Program

  • All aspects of Option1,2 and 3:
  • Regular coaching and strategy sessions until career transition goals are met
  • Multiple customized resume versions and unlimited printed copies
  • Unlimited use of Career Resource Center
  • Multiple video interview practice & critique sessions
  • Professional research assistance for local, regional or national job search
  • Secretarial support as needed
  • Private voice-mail with remote access
  • Individual PC and internet tutoring
  • Specialty lending library: books, publications, video & audiotapes
  • Ongoing telephone support until you have reached your goals